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StrikeAd built the world’s first dedicated mobile demand side platform, Fusion, back in 2010. Whether you want us to manage your campaigns, or you want to setup everything yourself, we’ll enable you to make the most of the opportunity that programmatic (across multiple devices) presents. Our platform lets you plan, build and evaluate campaigns quickly and easily whilst helping you optimize the unique opportunities of mobile.

The result? Highly targeted, cost effective and efficient mobile ad campaigns that make the most of your ad budget and get you the results you want.


fusion plat OUR PLATFORM, Programmatic Mobile Advertising

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Real-time reporting


Engage vs Solo

Key differences between our two main offerings


StrikeAd Engage

StrikeAd Engage is a fully managed solution sold on a per IO basis, with brand-safe whitelists available, local sales support and client services

  • StrikeAd Engage: a fully managed service with 24/7 access to StrikeAd’s team of experts
  • Simple and straightforward: no need for any understanding of mobile advertising or
    programmatic buying
  • Sophisticated mobile targeting: (by device, carrier, network type, app/site, etc…)
  • Because it’s a fully managed service it’s a risk free way of running campaigns
  • StrikeAd Engage is built on the same feature-rich platform as StrikeAd Fusion so there is no compromise in technology, reach or performance

StrikeAd Solo

StrikeAd Solo is a self serve platform, sold on a fee basis and offering full transparency as well as local support and training from the strikeAd team

  • StrikeAd Fusion: a single console through which agencies can plan, execute and evaluate hundreds of mobile campaigns
  • Sophisticated optimisation, tracking, insight and analytics offering unparalleled levels of efficiency
  • Scalable: - huge mobile reach of over 28
    billion monthly page impressions
  • Transparent inventory incorporating brand safety
  • Granular targeting options specific to mobile (by device, carrier, location, app etc.)



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Announcing our partnership with Placed – Tracking Mobile Advertising to In-Store visit

Digital advertising attributions – the measurement of the value of each digital marketing contact that contributed to a desired outcome (IAB’s definition) – has always been a challenge for digital marketers; and whilst there has been a lot of progresses on finding solutions to match digital advertising efforts to digital sales, an even bigger challenge has arisen for marketers looking to link mobile advertising to offline sales.

At StrikeAd, we believe that geo marketing and locations based data is the key to reaching the right audience at the right time and the right place. But we also believe that the wealth of locations data matched to user IDs that can be extracted from mobile ad campaigns can be leveraged to users behaviours and mobile advertising to offline sales attributions.

So how do I know that the increase in sales from my 5th avenue store in November resulted from my mobile advertising campaign earlier in the month?

To help our clients answer such questions, we have chosen to work with Placed, the leader in location-driven insights and mobile ad intelligence. Placed provides the most complete understanding of consumers’ offline behaviors by measuring billions of locations across the world’s largest opt-in mobile location panel.

By integrating with the Placed attribution product, we can now enable our clients to measure the impact of mobile ads bought through our platform on In-Store Visits. Indeed, Placed works with a very large panel of shoppers and mobile applications in the US, and are able to observe their panellist activity and determine the impact of the ad exposure to the consumers’ real world behaviors.

Working with Placed contributes to our effort to embrace and support the growth of geo-marketing and we believe that mobile RTB, layered with data collected from the real world can help marketers to reach and analyse shoppers’ behaviors.


Mobile World Congress 2015 – post event thoughts

For the past 4 days Barcelona has hosted the Mobile World Congress. This year saw an increased presence from the mobile media companies, taking two halls, and a heightened sense that mobile advertising was on the rise. For StrikeAd the show was spent networking with clients and competitors, building the industry rapport that drives business.

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